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kelly schirmann is a poet, musician, & visual artist living in portland, oregon.
she co-wrote nature machine (poor claudia, 2013) & sings in the band young family.
she is the founder of black cake records, a web label for audio-chapbooks.
email her things at



April 29

Activity Book

by Kelly Schirmann (kellyschirmann)

Cover art by Bob Schofield (bobschofield)

I am really excited about this. Bob is amazing. Chad is amazing. NAP is the best. I want that raincloud tattooed on my face.

Everyone has a person they stalk shamelessly on the internet & mine is Mark Leidner. This is a print I made of a tweet he did recently that I would like to have tattooed on my neck / tombstone. Not sorry, y’all.

this video forever

(Source: fast-machine, via keepthisbagawayfromchildren)

Got this advice from a friend yesterday & it made my heart high-five itself.
(1986 - present)
Danniel Schoonebeek. Lisa Ciccarello. April 1st. Black Cake Records.
THE PROBLEM at Everyday Genius, a few everydays ago.
Come out to Slabtown tomorrow night to celebrate the release of two new books by Portland greats Jeff Alessandrelli & Sid Miller. As the flyer suggests, I will also be reading poems, but please do not bring yr triplets with you. It’s a metal bar. We’re going to be drinking.
I wrote a poem called FAMILY POEM & I’ve just been informed that this poem is now a part of Greying Ghost’s Pamphlet Series. This means that when you order one of GG’s gorgeous chapbooks, there’s a chance you’ll find a flower/girl with a weird aura tucked inside. **UPDATE: They’re here! They’re lovely! Email me yr address if you’d like one!
I’m re-appropriating this shot from patriot-laureate Danniel Schoonebeek, author of American Barricade (forthcoming from YesYes Books) & Family Album (Poor Claudia), who likes to carry around a friendly reminder from yrs truly. You can order one for yourself at my shop, if you are also in need of a little encouragement.